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Sabotage - WTF?

I started to Blog. That was 3 weeks ago! I am not sure what happened to my good intentions and the excitement of starting this journey with you. I'm going to call it Sabotage. The funny thing is that I know it happens, it's session # 5 in all of my health programs. The good news is recognizing it is a great way to manage it, to retrain it and to get past it. Be assured that it happens to ALL of us, even coaches. What does a coach do to circumvent this obstacle? I make an appointment with my Coach Allison of course. Even knowing what I know and my ability to help my clients, having a coach helps me step outside of myself to see clearly the path to my goals. Making goals and having a clear vision of what I want is part of the equation, setting up accountability, asking for help and being open to it ensures my success. Without it, giving up would be too easy and you would not be reading this today. The down side of giving up is my dreams would not come true sending me down path of negative feelings of failure, anxiety, restlessness and fear. The only way to get past fear is to go through it, having a coach to hold my hand along the way makes it much less scary.

Where does Sabotage show up for you? Do you recognize it? What do you do about it?

Here are 6 steps to keep Sabotage from running (ruining) your life:

Step 1. Recognize that this happens to all of us

Step 2. It's OK to get help!

Step 3. Learn how to let go of your tethers so you can move forward

Step 4. Invest in yourself - Time, Money, Wisdom, Care, Reflection and Attention

Step 5. Take Empowered Action - It's never too late

Step 6. Be Accountable - To yourself, Someone else, God or whomever/ whatever holds you to your truth.

I hope this truth helps you realize a Happy Life.

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