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Coach Cindy

I work with people who want to improve their Health in a natural way. Discover what your Body is telling you and give it what it wants to Thrive!

Learning how to create habits that are easy and lasting.  Bringing you closer to the life you want and deserve.

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Certified Health Coach


Certified Master Transformational Coach


Certified Life Coach

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My Story

Passionate about Health and People

I started my journey as an aerobic instructor 30 years ago.  17 years ago I needed a change and went into the food and customer service industry.  Talk about polar opposites.  But were they? Today I am combining my love of how our bodies and minds work for us with my love to serve people.  Health is about more than the perfect diet and the best exercise routine.  I'm here to guide you along your unique path to what you desire for your Healthy Life.

As well as being a Health Coach I Coach Dragonboat Teams to be inspired to Have Fun, Work Hard and be Happy. 

My Dream is to Inspire People.


I love my life and my greatest wish is for you to love yours!

A little more about me:

I Love: Dragonboating, Skiing, Dirtbiking, Hiking,Snowshoeing, My Family, My Friends, My LIfe.....

What do you LOVE?


​I hold the Highest Vision of your Success

I work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

During this 50min I'll walk you through a proven process to:

  • Develop a powerful vision for what you want and why.

  • Discover what might be stopping you from having a life free worry about having enough energy, having less pain and having better Quality of Life

  • Discover how Illness is affecting your work, play and family life

  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards better Health

  • Complete the Discovery Session excited knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create better Health

$97 Value - Free for a limited Time

28 Day Reset Cleanse

Gentle and Easy

Have you thought about doing a cleanse because you know the benefits are huge but don't know where to start or how to do it?  Or maybe you're afraid to try?  Three phases are designed to create a foundation for long term health.

  • I start with a 7 day preparation phase, guiding you through meal plans and shopping lists.  I explain what to expect during cleansing.

  • I will coach you through 14 days of cleanse.  Answering any question that come up and Guiding you to success!

  • The final 7 days are about how to gently resume your normal diet and  explore 1 or 2 new habits you would want to keep.


90 Day
Customized Health Plan

1. Set up conditions so long term success is achievable
2. Follow- through is easy.
3. Discover what foods improve are right for you that is unique to you and you Love to Eat
4. Create balance in overall health (nutrition, movement, stress management)
5. Create healthy habits that last so you feel good all the time
6. You’ll catch fewer colds, flu and viruses and if you do it won’t be as severe
7. Reduce Stress and the Effects of Stress which depletes our body’s resources
8. Discover what might be getting in the way that prevented success in the past.
9. Prevent missing out on the things you love because you just don't feel good.



My clients are my number one priority, and my attention proves just how committed I am to their success.

There's a reason some programs work while others don't.  The ones that work have 3 things - the right System, The right Support and the right Accountability.  Together we will set up conditions for inevitable success so follow through is easy.  We will discover what foods give you energy that is unique to you.  And we will turn this knowledge into healthy habits and behaviors that last.  NOW IS THE TIME TO SAY YES TO YOURSELF.Start your journey to a Healthier more Energized Life

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Phone:  250-864-5294

Health Coach Point of View


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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started my coaching program but it ended up being an amazing experience.    Figuring out how your life, food choices and habits affect you gives you the power to make positive choices.    I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve their health."

David L.


Thanks to Coach Cindy I got refocused on my weight.  I learned how to make better decisions on healthier foods and stopped turning to fast food.  I loved how the focus was on what is going good.  Her patience, understanding and how she listened made a huge difference in motivation.  I learned how to set goals and how to follow through.

Don P.


Cindy is truly an exceptional health resource.  The kind of skillset she has supports me through daily business and personal routines.  Cindy’s knowledge not only benefits the weight loss aspect of health, but the mental health of everyday challenges.  As an entrepreneur/company owner, there is so much to be on top of, especially going through the growing pains one has in a business.  Cindy has true talent of being the health adviser that I need and provides the right tools to support me through the toughest days.  It really only takes small changes in life to get to your health goals and be the person you want to be.  THANK YOU CINDY, I AM TRULY GRATEFUL.

Paulette F.


Thanks for being the Best- Nicole: You're truly the bomb dot com.TY for your loudness and Profanity - Tabitha: You're an Amazing Coach - Heather: Appreciated your encouraging approach - Mary: Thanks for being such an awesome coach, making us laugh & shit our pants: TY for being the best and kicking our butt - Andrea: Great Coach - Vivian: TY for an Awesome Golden Year - Wendy: Thanks for being there for us - Janice: Thanks for pushing us so hard - Linda

One Fun Crew

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